Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

It is 7:37 on the first day of a new year and it is time to make my new years resolutions. And by resolutions I mean changes in my life and home that I can actually accomplish and not some grandiose impossibilities that will be discarded before the end of the month. This time I am serious, no really, I am.

First and foremost I intend to resurrect my blog and try and bring it back from the brink of death if it’s not already too late. I have been terribly neglectful of this poor little bog and while there were times during student teaching and school that I was doing so much writing I just couldn’t bring my self to do anything else, there were other times that I was just too lazy to take the time to get my thoughts written down. I wrote many excellent postings in my head and I am sure you all would have found them absolutely fascinating, but unfortunately they never made it of my head.

Another resolution I intend to keep is to reach out to friends and family and hopefully enlarge my social circle. I have been missing my blogging friends and I intend to rectify that post hast. I will be visiting them again and leaving comments and I hope to reestablished those contacts and friendships very soon.

I also resolve to de-clutter my life. I will be taking inventory of my belongings and if I haven’t used in the past year and I can’t imagine it being used this year out it goes. We have entirely too much stuff and it has to go. There are times I feel that the weight of all the clutter is sucking the energy and joy right out of me and if I can just get rid of it I will be much happier. It would be nice if I could get the housing crew from that show to come and clean up, but since that isn’t going to be happening any time soon, I just have to resolve to do it myself with the help of my family - willing or not, and most likely not.

My last resolution is to make my job this year to finding a job teaching. When I started school in January of 2007 they were desperate for teachers and I could have had any classroom I wanted if I had been ready at that time, but times changed and the economy tanked, so now it is very difficult to find a job. That being said I will keep searching, hoping, and praying that the right position comes along.

That should do it for this year’s resolutions; I think I can keep these.

My wish for everyone for the upcoming year is to be happy.