Friday, February 29, 2008

And the winner is!

I thought you would like the blonde joke, but there were only two contestants. Fuzzy’s Dad said you could tell if a blonde had visited your blog "because she left the following comments, please use more pictures, I can’t read it because you type too fast and don’t use such big words."

Wyatt’s response to the joke was "she tries comment by writing on the screen." I liked both responses, so this week there is a tie and the winners are both Fuzzy’s Dad and Wyatt Earp. I hope I didn’t type that too fast for you. Next month's jokes are going to be things all green, leprechaunish, and beer inspired in honor of St. Patricks Day.

What are you going to do with your extra day?

I just realized that today is leap day. Are you going to do anything fun to mark an extra day for the year? My daughter and I are going to order delivery pizza and do girly stuff. The men folk are going camping with the Boy Scouts to work on Pioneering, so it’s just us girls until Sunday. I think we will have a good time maybe paint our nails watch some chick flicks and just play a lot.

Slow and steady wins the race.

I think I am goingto tyake this weight off one ppund at a time. I lost 1.2 pounds this week. Don’t get me wrong I am happy about it. I realize it didn’t get there over night and now that it’s happily settled about my hips and thighs and will take a little persuasion to get it to leave. My weight watcher leader pointed out that a pound a week is good because in a year that’s 52 pounds. I can live with that. I just keep telling myself time passes either way. I can be thinner or I can be heavier and I choose thinner.

Vocabulary world of the day.



Pronounced: daw-gid

Definition: stubborn, persistent and unyielding.

This time I am dogged about following the Weight Watcher’s plan.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

For all the ladies.

I found this picture while searching Google images for pictures of crazy moms. I don’t know what Joaquin Phoenix has to do with crazy mom, but he is sure fine. I hope you enjoy.

I need to talk to a grown up!

After two days home sick my daughter is going back to school. I am so excited I get to be with grown up people today. The tornado came down with the crud that is going around. She developed a sore throat, headache, and phlegmy cough Monday afternoon and by Tuesday morning, she was feeling too sick to go to school. And since my job doesn’t matter, I was the one who has to stay home. I thought cool I can get all my homework assignments done up until the midterm and be ahead of eh game. That kept me busy Tuesday but when Wednesday morning rolled around and she claimed she still felt too bad to go to school, I was once again elected to say home. I love my daughter but I need to talk to grown up during the day and calling your husband to many times at work only annoys him and gets him in trouble; And by the time he got home from work he had had enough talking and wanted only piece and quite.

Tuesday I finished the assignments cleaned the kitchen, walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes in the afternoon. I checked my e-mail about 100 times hoping people had left comments. And I played Adventure Quest on the computer. I also medicated my daughter several times with children’s musinax and fed her breakfast and lunch. She is a real trooper taking the medicine because I know it taste like crap but she downs it followed by a water chaser and a piece of chocolate. She didn’t cough or blow her nose as much so I told her she is going back to school tomorrow. She woke up feeling better this morning so all is well. I really need the company of people who don’t get a packet of crayons when they go out to eat, or whose favorite channel is nickelodeon

Vocabulary word of the day



Pronounced: peak·ed

Definition: pale drawn feeling ill.

My daughter, the tornado has been down graded and is feeling peaked.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday’s Poetry Corner.

I chose this poem today because I have always loved the truth of its words. It takes a heap of living to make a house a home. To me a house is just a structure where you live, but a home is something altogether different. A home is a place where you feel safe and you know you are loved. It is the one place that when you go back to it, they have to let you in. Not every house is a home; some are just a place to sleep at night, but it is my wish that everyone should have a place they can call home.

The poem is called “It takes a heap o' livin' in a house t' make it home and was written by Edgar A. Guest. This poem was taken from the following web site:

It Takes A Heap of Livin...

It takes a heap o' livin' in a house t' make it home,
A heap o' sun an' shadder, an' ye sometimes have t' roam
Afore ye really 'preciate the things ye lef' behind
An' hunger fer 'em somehow, with 'em allus on yer mind.
It don't make any differunce how rich ye get t' be,
How much yer chairs an' tables cost, how great yer luxury;
It ain't home t' ye, though it be the palace of a king,
Until somehow yer soul is sort o' wrapped round everything.
Home ain't a place that gold can buy or get up in a minute;

Afore it's home there got t' be a heap o' livin' in it;

Within the walls there's got t' be some babies born, and then
Right there ye've got t' bring 'em up t' women good, an' men;
And gradjerly, as time goes on, ye find ye wouldn't part
With anything they ever used-they've grown into yer heart;
The old high chairs, the playthings, too, the little shoes they wore
Ye hoard; and' if ye could ye'd keep the thumb-marks on the door.

Ye've got t' weep t' make it home, ye've got t' sit and sigh
An' watch beside a loved one's bed, an' know that Death is nigh;
An' in the stillnes o' the night t'see Death's angel come,
An' close the eyes o' her that smiled, an' leave her sweet voice dumb.
For these are scenes that grip the heart, an' when your tears are dried,
Ye find the home is dearer than it was, an' sanctified;
An' tuggin' at ye always are the pleasant memories
O' her that was an' is no more-ye can't escape from these.

Ye've got to sing an' dance fer years, ye've got t' romp and play,
An' learn t' love the things ye have by usin' em each day:
Even the roses round the porch must blossom year by year
Afore they 'come apart o' ye, suggestin'someone dear
Who used t' love 'em long ago, and trained 'em just t' run
The way they do, so's they would get the early mornin' sun;
Ye've got to love each brick an' stone from cellar up t' dome;
It takes a heap o' livin' in a house t' make it home.

Vocabulary word of the day.



Pronounced: uh-sahy-luh m

Definition: a place of either safety or security or a place for the care of the mentally ill.

My home is definitely an asylum; it is a place of safety and security after a long hard day as well as a place that can drive you crazy. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It makes me so mad I could just spit.

Arrested migrants urged to be silent

Advocates insist they're not trying to beat system

Daniel González
The Arizona Republic
Feb. 24, 2008 12:00 AM

Community groups are responding to a controversial crackdown on illegal immigrants with a controversial plan of their own: They are giving undocumented people advice on how to avoid being deported.

Immigration advocates say they are simply trying to protect the rights of illegal immigrants, not teach them how to beat the system.

Critics say the advice amounts to helping people who have broken the law.

For the complete article, please follow the link to

Is this a good reason to grab the duct tape so my head doesn’t explode? This is such a blatant attempt to circumvent Arizona’s laws and the will of the voters it makes my head spin. They are even handing out cards that state they are evoking their constitutional right to remain silent so they can hand it to a police officer in case they are arrested. They are not citizens, so they do not have constitutional rights. Unfortunately, it seems to be working. For the few people who have tried it, the police have let them go. I guess in a sense it’s their get out of jail free card, or perhaps it’s their stay in our country illegally card. Now excuse me while I go smack my head against a brick wall.

Vocabulary word of the day



Pronounced: fley-gruh nt

Definition: obvious, very noticeable, glaring.

The immigrants’ rights activists are flagrantly violating both the laws of Arizona as well as the will of Arizonan’s who want the immigration laws enforced.

Monday, February 25, 2008

What’s my punch line?

Enough lawyer jokes. You can’t say I am not an equal opportunity offender, so this week I am picking on the blondes. It’s ok because I am trying my hardest to become a blond, and all I have managed to accomplish is becoming a red head. Luckily, my husband likes red heads. Any way on with the joke.

How do you tell if a blond has visited your blog?

Vocabulary word of the day.



Pronounced: aw-spish-uh s

Definition: Marked by success a favorable future.

I am very pleased with the auspicious start of my blog. I have been lucky to receive over 1000 visitors in a little less than two months.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Looks like I made it.

At 1:33 pm the 1000' s person visited my blog. I am so very pleased to announce that the person was non-other than Wyatt Earp himself. Yea, Wyatt. I can’t think of anyone better to be my 1000th guest, considering there would never have been a blog in the first place if not for his guidance, encouragement, and support. Therefore, in recognition of his being the 1000’s visitor I am giving him my first-born. What’s another boy in a house of three? Just kidding I am keeping my first-born, for the time being at least. I am still thinking what would be a suitable gift for the man who got me over the 1000th mark was so helpful in creating “Because I said so”. If you have any ideas for tokens of appreciation please let me know.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

1000 visitors.

I am closing in on my 1,000th hit. I think it will probably be sometime Sunday. I am so grateful to all of you who have stopped by to see what I have to say and to all of you who have come back again.

I especially want to thank Wyatt for all his help and encouragement, RT for all her support, and Fuzzy’s dad for his encouragement to keep the vocabulary word of the day going. I also want to thank Dana and bobg for their comments and every one else who has commented on the post. I feel a little like Sally Field, You like me, you sort of like me.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Help support a good cause.

My son was in the accelerated learning program at his elementary school from the fourth grade through the sixth grade. He was fortunate to have an incredible teacher who taught him math and language for gifted children. His teacher participates every year in the American Cancer Relay for Life.

Due to her own experience in dealing with cancer in a loved one, this cause is very dear to her. This year, the Patterson Elementary school team will again participate in the relay to raise money for research and hopefully cures and better treatments for cancer. I have invited her to use my blog to reach as many people as I can, and I hope some of you will post it on your blogs so we can spread the word about this wonderful cause. This is what Sandy said I could post for her:

Hi Molly,

Thanks for the donation. You can put the information on the blog. Here is a letter I copied from the website:

Help us fight cancer by supporting Relay For Life!

Can you believe that more than 1.3 million new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in the United States this year? Those are staggering statistics, but there is hope. Each of us can do something to save lives and help those already fighting this disease. That's why I've decided to take action against cancer by supporting the American Cancer Society Relay For Life® event right here in my community.

Relay For Life is an overnight event that brings our community together to help support the American Cancer Society and its lifesaving mission to eliminate cancer as a major health problem. The Society works hard every day to prevent cancer and save lives by supporting groundbreaking research, affecting public policies that protect us from cancer, and educating people on how to prevent or detect cancer early. The Society helps people with cancer right here in our own community. And our efforts at Relay For Life can help the American Cancer Society to keep working toward a cancer-free future.

I want to invite you to show your support in the ongoing fight against cancer by joining us for this year's event. Please click on the link below for more information, including details on the inspirational Survivors' Lap and the moving Luminaria Ceremony. We hope to see you there! If you can't join us, will you please visit the site and make a donation to support our efforts? Either way, you will make a real difference in the lives of people facing cancer and in the lives of the people who love them. Thank you!

For state fundraising notices and the American Cancer Society's Privacy Policy, please paste this link into your browser:

Click here to visit my personal page.
If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:

Click here to view the team page for Patterson
If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:

Thanks again for your help!


Sandy Hausman

Top of Form

Look out scale, here I come

I was a little worried about my weigh-in this week. I made cookies for my neighbor because he had mentioned how good they were in his blog. I guess I wasn’t as bad as I thought, or maybe it as all the exercise.

Anyway, I stepped on the scale and just saw the last number was a .6 so thought I had gained .2 pounds. When the leader said, "You're doing well," I thought she was nuts - until I looked at the results and saw that I hadn’t gained, but had actually lost 1.4 pounds.

This week I won’t be baking cookies, so I hope to see even less of me next week.

And the winner is!

This week’s winning joke belongs to BobG with the following ending to my punch line:

"What is the difference between a lawyer and a lab rat?" The lab rats are safely locked up.

Please head on over to his blog and congratulate him on his witty sense of humor.

Vocabulary word of the week.



Pronounced: mol-uh-fahy

Definition: To calm someone or lesson their temper, to appease some one or soften them.

After along weekend with the children my husband can always mollify me by brining home chocolate

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Osama bin laden NUMA NUMA

I saw this video over at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, and I wanted to share it with the girls at work. We could not access his blog from work so I am posting it on my blog. Toni and Sharon this is for you.

Excuse me while I go howl at the moon.

I was going to post about the lunar eclipse, but I missed it. It was too cloudy to see anything. Now I have to wait two more years before I can see the next one. Since I can't tell you about something that I couldn't see I thought I would share a couple of videos about werewolves. The first one is “Werewolves of London." The second one is “Little Red Riding Hood." I hope you enjoy them.

Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London

Little Red Riding Hood

Vocabulary word of the day.

In honor of last night lunar eclipse today’s vocabulary word is Lycanthropy


pronounced: lahy-kan-thruh-pee

Definition: The mistaken belief that you are a wolf or some other wild animal.

I don’t suffer from lycanthropy; I know I turn into a raging hormonally driven beast once a month. Why do you think they call me the momster?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday’s poetry corner.

I went back to 101 Famous Poems for this week’s poet. Today I will share a poem with you that was written by Edmund Vance Cooke

Edmund Vance cook was born in 1866 and died in 1932 According to this. He is the author of many book, at least 16 of them were book of poetry. His most famous poem was “How did you die?" I have always liked this poem partially because it sounds so good when you read it aloud. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Give it a try read it out loud and see what you think.

How Did You Die?

Did you tackle that trouble that came your way

With a resolute heart and cheerful?

Or hide your face from the light of day

With a craven soul and fearful?

Oh, a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an ounce,

Or a trouble is what you make it,

And it isn't the fact that you're hurt that counts,

But only how did you take it?

You are beaten to earth? Well, well, what's that?

Come up with a smiling face.

It's nothing against you to fall down flat,

But to lie there -- that's disgrace.

The harder you're thrown, why the higher you bounce;

Be proud of your blackened eye!

It isn't the fact that you're licked that counts,

It's how did you fight -- and why?

And though you be done to the death, what then?

If you battled the best you could,

If you played your part in the world of men,

Why, the Critic will call it good.

Death comes with a crawl, or comes with a pounce,

And whether he's slow or spry,

It isn't the fact that you're dead that counts,

But only how did you die?

Online text copyright © 2005, Ian Lancashire for the Department of English, University of Toronto.
Published by the Web Development Group, Information Technology Services, University of Toronto Libraries.

Original text: Impertinent Poems (New York: Dodge, 1907): 103. LE C7727imp Robarts Library
First publication date: 1903
RPO poem editor: Ian Lancashire
RP edition: RPO 2000.
Recent editing: 2:2002/3/20

Rhyme: ababcdcd efefcgcg ...

I am including this information just in case I need it so I don’t get in trouble for using the poem. Can’t be too careful, you know.

Vocabulary word of the day.



It is an adjective

Pronounced: voh-sif-er-uh s

Definition: Being very noisy, clamorous, making a loud out cry.

My vociferous children make it impossible to nap on the weekends..

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don’t be cruel to a cow that moos.

No offense to the late Elvis Presley, but we now know that it wasn’t our cooking that has resulted in over a month-long ban of serving beef to our students at school. In addition, it is not just our district but also many schools nationwide that are heeding the cow’s advice and eating more chicken.

According to several news sources, including CNN, the reason for the students wondering, “Where’s the beef?” is the slaughterhouse was being mean to the cows and we can’t eat sad cows. That is not the entire truth. What was happening is they were forcing cows that were too ill to walk on their own - to move along little doggie - to the slaughterhouse in a manner that was very cruel.

Cows that are unable to get themselves to their final destination are often candidates for e-coli, or even worse, mad cow disease. While no one so far has gotten sick from eating these unhappy sick cows, it is better to be safe then suffering explosive diarrhea, or worse. Thus, the massive beef recall. To read the article follow this link to CNN. I hope that this will be cleared up soon and beef will be back on the menu.

Vocabulary word of the day.



Pronounced: ruh-pey-shuhs

It is an adjective.

Definition: Very greedy, predatory, taking for satisfaction or greed.

If the rapacious Democrats win, the white house in 2008 hey will be after al our money.

Monday, February 18, 2008

What's my punch line?

Since lawyer jokes got a better response then my other jokes, I will offer another one this week.

What's the difference between a lawyer and a lab rat?

The top ten reasons why we love babies.

On February 14, the Earp Clan welcomed a new little deputy, Kevin Earp. A few days later when mother and baby were home, he posted a picture of Kevin that is so precious. I admit it, I went back several times just to see that sweet little face and it got me thinking about why babies are so awesome. Here the top ten reasons why we love babies.

10. They let you dress them in anything you want and they don’t mind.

9. You always know where they are.

8. They have such cute little feet.

7. They smell so good after a bath.

6. The way they move their lips when they are sleeping.

5. Their laugh, nothing beats a baby’s laugh.

4. A big toothless smile.

3. You can make them happy again with either a bottle, a clean diaper, a pacifier or a cuddle.

2. A bottom that fits in the palm of your hand.

1. Taking naps with a baby on your chest.

I know there are a million reasons why we love babies but unlike some of us the rest of you have to work today, I thought I would keep it brief. Now get back to work.

Vocabulary word of the day.



Pronounced: kuh-nahyv

Definition: To cooperate in secretes usually to do something wrong.

My children are sure to connive together in order to drive me crazy while we are home for Presidents day.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Obama scares me too.

Fuzzy's dad wrote a very good piece about Obama that I think everyone should read. People need to know what this man stands for before considering voting for him. Clinking on Omaba's name will take you to his post.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

It’s my turn to pimp.

I have to pimp my neighbor's blog again The Loser Old Guy wrote a piece about things he knows to be true, now that he is old. I mean older.

I totally agree with some of his items, partially on others, and some are just plain wrong. However, what he said about my cookies was right on the mark. For that reason, I will post a link to his blog so you can check it out for yourself.

While you're there, scroll down to see a funny clip of his son rocking out to "Guitar Hero" on the PlayStation.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Can you come out and play?

Weight Watchers was interesting yesterday. I learned that if you laugh for 15 minutes you would burn off 40 calories. You will also be carted off to the hospital for a mental evaluation if you laugh for 15 minutes straight, but you will be thinner when you get there.

She also talked about exercise. She reminded us that we all know the secret to losing weight is to eat less and move more. The moving more seems too difficult for many people. The reason for that is that exercise is something we feel we have to do; it takes time and it is not a lot of fun. She then had us think back to when we were children and what we liked to do. Things like riding your bike, swimming, playing hopscotch, climbing trees, and roller skating were just a few of the things we played as kids.

What is different now about getting up and moving? It is simple: when we were kids we wanted to do that stuff. Now we are older and we feel like we have to exercise. If we could only put the play back into exercise, we would be more likely to get moving. It made sense: we need to play more not exercise more. Let’s go play!

Oh, I almost forgot, I lost .4 pounds this week. It’s not a lot, but it’s moving in the right direction. Next week I plan on drinking lots of water, counting my points, and playing.

What’s my punch line?

I guess you like lawyer jokes better then Britney Spears or light bulb jokes. I will remember that for next week.

This week winner of What’s my punch line? is Fuzzy’s Dad.

He won with this joke:

What do you get if you cross a pit-bull with a lawyer? A dog that’s bark is as bad as its bite.

Vocabulary word of the day.



Pronounced: lahy-buh-luhs

Definition: Containing statements that are untrue harmful or defamatory.

A few people might find this weeks joke about lawyers to libelous, but most people would find them funny.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I wanted to write about Valentine's Day, so I spent a little time on the internet trying to find interesting stuff about the holiday. What I found is amazing. I stumbled across several sites that absolutely hate Valentine's Day. They all fall into one of two categories.

There is the Valentine's Day that is not a religious holiday and has not been since 1969 when the Catholic Church canceled it. It does not even recognize a Saint Valentine. The holiday had become commercialized; more about chocolate and flowers instead of a festival of love, so they got rid of it. Another fun holiday gets whacked by Christian fundamentals. Why do they call themselves fundamentalist when there is nothing fun about them? First Halloween and now Valentine's Day? Is poor Saint Patrick the next to be banned?

The next group falls into what I call a bunch of whiny babies. They hate Valentine's Day because it is commercial and phony. Why should there be a special day to say you love someone? Shouldn’t you say it all year long? Well, yes, that is true and most people do tell their loved ones all year long that they are loved and not just on Valentine's Day. I think the truth is not because they think Valentine's Day is too commercial but that they are single and not by choice.

Okay, that may be harsh but you do not see this kind of backlash against Christmas and that’s a big commercialized holiday as well. I think they should just admit they hate all the cards, chocolate, flowers, and silly stuffed animals because they know that no one is going to be buying any for them.

I can understand feeling bad about not getting anything for Valentine's Day. There were many years when the only Valentine's gifts I got were from my Mom and Dad. Nevertheless, to hate the holiday because you are not participating is a little extreme. I say enjoy the day. If no one is going to be buying you chocolate, buy your own. That way you will get exactly what you like. If you want flowers, then go and get some. Better yet, have some delivered from a “Secret Admirer." If someone is interested in you, they may become jealous and finally show interest in you. Do not take the holiday away from those of us who enjoy giving and receiving little red hearts to and from our loved ones.

Vocabulary word of the day.



Pronounced: hang-ker-ing

Definition: A yearning, or longing, or hunger for someone or something.

I have a hankering for my sweet Valentine

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday’s Poetry corner.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ogden Nash, today’s poetry corner will introduce you to one of America’s finest poets. Ogden Nash had a gift for using language to create incredibly vivid pictures in the reader mind. He could manipulate words in such a way that left you both thinking and laughing. I found a web site,, that shows cases several of Ogden’s poems and I would like to share a few of them with you.

The Cow
by Ogden Nash

The cow is of the bovine ilk;
One end is moo, the other, milk.

I chose this one becaue I like cows.

Everybody Tells Me Everything
by Ogden Nash

I find it very difficult to enthuse

Over the current news.

Just when you think that at least the outlook is so black that it can grow no blacker, it worsens,

And that is why I do not like the news, because there has never been an era when so many things were going so right for so many of the wrong persons.

This one was picked because I felt it is still so true today.

Finally, I chose the last poem because it shows Ogden’s clever use of language to illustrate his point in his poems.

The Wasp
by Ogden Nash

The wasp and all his numerous family
I look upon as a major calamity.
He throws open his nest with prodigality,
But I distrust his waspitality.

To find more of his poems click on Ogden Nash.

Vocabulary word of the day.



Pronounced: mod-i-kuhm

Definition: A very small amount.

I will need more than a modicum of will power if I expect to loose weight.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Girls' night out.

I know I said I would write about what three wild lunch ladies - and one custodian - do when they get together on a Sunday night, so here it is. We headed to a local casino and watched Bobby Vinton strut his stuff. After we all climbed into my bosses SUV and headed out, we realized that no one knew how to get to where we were going. Several cell phone calls later, we were on the right road and on our way.

We arrived at the casino in plenty of time to eat at the restaurant, only to be told that it was by invitation only; and we were not invited. We stood in line with a couple hundred other people waiting to see they concert, and ate nachos and a half a tuna sandwich. I shared the other half with a nice couple from Minnesota.

Seating at the concert was stupid. You could buy tickets for the platinum, gold, or silver sections, but there were not assigned seats within the sections. You had to wait in line, and when they opened the door, hope you were able to get a good seat before some old geezer in a walker could. No offense meant to old geezers. The older people who were there really knew how to rock. Well not, so much rock, as to bob slowly in their seats. We felt like absolute babies.

I have to admit that when they asked if I wanted to go and see Bobby Vinton I said "Sure" - not because I wanted to see him, but because I wanted a night out with the girls. I didn’t care what we did. However, when Bobby came out on stage and started singing I was impressed. He puts on a great show. He still has an incredible voice for an older man and he has a lot of energy and can still shake it. His interactions with the audience were so sweet; he made time for all the ladies who wanted a kiss from Bobby. We had a great time.

Afterward, we headed to an IHOP for a late dinner and harassed our waiter. We left a good tip, but he probably thought us nuts. He’d have been right. Today was tough, though; I am not used to staying up that late.

Vocabulary word of the day



Pronounced: muh-rohs

Definition: A gloomy, sullen ill-humored person.

Fuzzy’s Dad is feeling morose, along with many other Republicans, because McCain is most likely to be nominated to be the Republican candidate for president in November.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Girls' Night out.

The lunch ladies had a night out last night. We had a blast but I got home later then I thought so I will write about it when I get home from work. Who knew lunch ladies could be such a wild bunch.

What’s my punch line?

Here’s this week offering: What do you get if you cross a lawyer with a pit-bull?

Vocabulary word of the day.



Pronounced: joo-buh-luhnt

Definition: expressing great joy or satisfaction.

The jubilant crowed showed their appreciation for the singer by clapping loud and long.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The wait is over!

The letter I have been waiting for was in the mail today! I have to admit I was a little nervous at first, but I opened the letter and read these words, “The committee is extremely pleased to notify you that you have been formally accepted into the Teacher Prep Program.”

Yeah! I am so happy and relieved. I have enjoyed the little break while I waited for an answer, but I am now eager to begin class work again. I have 14 credit hours of course work to complete, and 8 hours of student teaching. The last requirements needed are classes about the Arizona and the U.S. Constitution. I plan to do my student teaching in March of 2009, after which I will begin looking for a teaching position.

I know that this probably scares the “Lady Democrat” that a conservative Republican who makes an occasional writing error will be allowed to teach the children of Arizona, but I promise I will try to do my very best.

Important Information.

I followed a link from the Ambulance Driver to The Lawdog and came across some very important information. I think everyone should be aware of this so here is the link, Your Attention, Please.

And while you're at it, congratulate The Ambulance Driver for winning an award for his writing.

Wyatt said I could.

I went crying to Wyatt last night because someone from the grammar police was mean to me. After calming me down and convincing me to stick with it for another month, he suggested I look at his side bar and read the reviews he has received. I did, I laughed, and I realized that I wanted to do something similar. Wyatt said, "Go for it!” so I am.

When I become a teacher, I will be grading the efforts of my students. It seems only fair that my readers have the opportunity to grade my efforts. If you would be so kind as to complete a progress report in the comments, I will place them in my side bar under progress reports. Thank you.

Friday, February 8, 2008

And the winner is!

This week's joke was meant as a tribute to all the hard working teachers out there and our winner best shows this.

Fuzzy's dad wrote the following: How many teachers does it take to change a light bulb? It only takes one. As a good teacher is all it takes to make changes.

I really liked that. Great job! My finish to the joke was "none because they aren’t allowed to; instead they need to fill out a work order for the maintenance personal so they will change the bulb. In the mean time, the students can bring in flashlight from home."

Look out scale here I come.

My Weight Watcher meetings are held in the library of my daughter’s elementary school. While I was waiting, I grabbed a book off the self that was closest to me. It happened to be a poetry book by Shel Silverstein.

Mr. Silverstien is an incredible poet not just for children, but for people of all ages. The following poem seemed especially suitable, since I did not have the best week. I went up .8 pounds. I did exercise, though, and I plan to do better next week with my points and exercise. I hope every one else who is dieting also had a better week then I did. I hope all the dieters and non-dieters enjoy the poem.


By Shel Silverstein

If I could only see the scale,
I'm sure that it would state
That I've lost ounces...maybe pounds
Or even tons of weight.
"You'd better eat some pancakes --
You're skinny as a rail."
I'm sure that's what the scale would say...
If I could see the scale.

This poem was taken

Vocabulary word of the day.



Pronounced: kuhm-pla-suhn-see

Definition: feeling secure when actually in some sort of danger.

The Republican need to shake off their complacency or the Democrats may take the white house in 2008.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thoughts while soaking in the tub.

While I soaked in the tub and hid from my kids last night, I was suddenly struck with an awful thought. It is very possible that I will live to see history in that for the first time the United States may elect a woman President. It was a frightening thought; not because I do not think a woman can be president, but because there are so many examples of women who are their country's leader.

I found a website about women in power located at and found some very interesting information. Out of the 192 members of the United Nations, 18 of them have female leaders; three are queens, three are governing generals, six are presidents and the final six are prime ministers.

I clearly believe that history has shown that women are capable of governing, and I wonder sometimes why the United States seems so behind in this aspect of our government. Nevertheless, while I believe we are ready for a woman President, I am equally convinced that Hillary Clinton is not the woman to fill this role. I believe that Hillary, like her husband Bill, did not seek the presidency because they felt they were the best suited for the job, but because they both seek power for power's sake.

Someday a woman will run and be elected. One who wants to be president for the right reasons, and not to simply further their own ambitions. I still hope a woman is elected to high office in my lifetime, and that it is someone I can fully support. I still like Condoleezza Rice, and I would vote for her if she ran.

Vocabulary word of the day.

Vocabulary word of the day.



Pronounced: ak-wee-es-uhnt

Definition: being willing to carry out the wishes of another without complaint.

Thanks to fuzzy dad, I will continue the vocabulary word of the day.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday’s poetry corner.

I'm Nobody! Who Are You

By Emily Dickinson.

I'm nobody! Who are you?

Are you nobody, too?

Then there's a pair of us--don't tell!

They'd banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!

How public, like a frog

To tell your name the livelong day

To an admiring bog!

This was taken from

I was actually looking for her poem, “If I can stop one heart from breaking.” A poem I have always liked, when I came upon this one and decided to share it with you instead. Moreover, if you add the letter l to the last word it makes the poem even more appropriate for all of us bloggers. I hope you enjoy the poetry.

Vocabulary word of the day.

There is no vocabulary word of the day today instead; I would like some feedback from my readers. Due to a lack of comments, I am starting to think that there is no interest in this feature. If I am incorrect and you would like me to continue with this please let me know. If I receive no comments, I will know that this was an idea that has not worked and abandon the vocabulary word of the day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I choose none of the above.

I am going to cast my vote in the Arizona primary this morning because it is the right thing to do, but never have I been as indifferent to the election as I am this time. I have not missed a primary or a presidential election since I was able to vote in 1980 and I think I voted for Anderson.

Every time I have voted over the past 28 years, I have felt very strongly about a candidate and supported them. I can’t say that this time. I liked Fred Thompson a lot but the big baby quit, leaving a pathetic bunch from which to choose. Coming from Arizona, I feel like I might as well accept the inevitable and vote for McCain. I really do not want to though, but if it is McCain or Hillary, I guess I would rather have him.

To tell you the truth, I don’t want either of them, but they don’t give you that option. Sigh, I will vote today and I will wear the "I voted" sticker so that the students I interact with will see that being able to voted is a privilege and a responsibility - but my heart wont be in it.

Vocabulary word of the day.



Pronounced: ap-uh-thet-ik

Definition: unfeeling, uninterested, indifferent and unresponsive.

I am feeling very apathetic about today’s primary election.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary.

Today’s marks the one-month anniversary of “Because I said so.” In one month I have written 63 posts, been given 113 comments, and received 602 visitors. I have also had a whole lot of fun, met some nice supportive people online, and one troll.

If any of you have constructive criticisms or ideas that would make this blog better, keep them to yourselves. Just kidding, I can use all the help I can get and would appreciate any input you are willing to give.

To all of you who have taken the time to read what I have written, leave a comment, or participate in my contest, thank you very much. I really appreciate it. I hope you will keep coming back and I will do my best to entertain you a bit, increase your vocabulary, introduce you to a poem you had never heard before, and maybe teach you a thing or two.

What’s my punch line?

To all the men and women who have dedicated their lives to the noble profession of teaching, I dedicate this week punch line to you.

“How many teachers does it take to screw in a light bulb?”

Vocabulary word of the day.



Pronounced: aj-uh-rey-shuh

Definition: A desperate appeal a strong urging fro someone to do something.

I am issuing an adjuration to my readers, please leave comments.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Now I wait.

I am good at many things. I can crochet a very nice blanket, I can bake the best peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, and I can build a pretty fort out of blankets and chairs; but one thing I am not good at is waiting.

I mailed in my application for admittance to the teaching program, and I will not find out the results for at least two weeks. That’s forever. My best friend in high school used to tease me about my impatience. She would say, “Patience is a virtue.” Since I was somewhat snarky then and she was somewhat wild I would reply, “Yes, it is a virtue and it’s the only one I lack and the only one you still possess.” Yet she remains my very good friend after all these years.

She was right, though. I get impatient waiting for a bag of microwave popcorn to finish popping. The next two weeks you will find me watching the calendar and counting down the days until I can begin stalking the mailbox waiting for a reply from school.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Put the taco down and nobody gets hurt.

If not for the quick response from the district office, the headlines in the newspaper may have read, “Local schools closed due to explosive diarrhea.”

Fortunately, that did not happen. Just a mere 30 minutes before serving a nutritious and delicious lunch of soft tacos and refried beans we received a call from the district office with the direction to throw out all the beef and serve chicken patties on a bun instead. No reason was given - just throw it out now.

And as Alfred Lord Tennyson once said, “Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die.” Or in our case, serve the chicken patties. Lunch was served along with a many explanations of , “Yes, we know it was supposed to be soft tacos. No, we don’t know why they just told to serve this. We hope to have soft tacos again soon, just eat your lunch already.”

So all the children received a healthy nutritious lunch, there was not a run on toilet paper, and everyone lived to return again to school. Today’s lunch choice - since we served Friday’s lunch on Thursday - will be manager’s choice; which means whatever we can find in the freezer.

Bon appetit.