Sunday, August 30, 2009




well-advanced or competent in any art, science, or subject; skilled: a proficient swimmer.

I am proficient, at least that’s what my college supervisor and cooperating teacher had to say after my first evaluation. There were many things they liked; however, they were also quick to point out that I had several opportunities to improve and they are absolutely right. My first opportunity to correct would be to not trip on the overhead cord when I walked past it. Second would be to actually let the students answer the questions when I asked by giving them plenty of time instead of answering it for them. Also I really need to make my expectations clear and tell them exactly what it is I want them to do before I let them start doing it. My last transition was a little sloppy. The evaluation was helpful and they both gave me some excellent ideas to improve on the areas where I was not as strong as I could be.

The best part about the evaluation was that the kids were good. I did not have to scold anyone and I only had to tell one boy who asked about 10 times when lunch was. I told him that when math was over it would be lunch time and to focus on his math until then. Other then that I couldn’t have asked for a better class. The funny thing is that in this class there are a couple of boys and girls who notice everything and either comment on it or ask about it, but when my supervisor came in and sat down nobody asked why she was there and I was very glad. I was a little worried if they knew she was there to evaluate me they might act up.

I am so relieved to get the first evaluation behind me and now only have two more to go. I think I will teach a reading lesson for my next evaluation and by then hopefully I will be more proficienter. (Before you get all worked up, I know it is not proficienter, I will be gooder sooner. J)